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Select Stone Set No. 3: Green Garnet, Aurichalcite, Chrysocolla, Blue Opal

Select Stone Set No. 3: Green Garnet, Aurichalcite, Chrysocolla, Blue Opal

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This is a select stone set that includes the exact crystals shown. It includes Aurichalchite from Mexico, Uvarovite (Green Garnet), Chrysocolla, and a Peruvian Blue Opal. All uncommon or hard-to-find pieces with brilliant colors. 

Includes meaning cards for each crystal and comes in a box for gifting. 

Aurichalcite, with its delicate blend of azure and green, channels a serene energy that resonates with the heart and throat chakras. This crystal, an emblem of tranquility, facilitates a harmonious flow of communication and emotional expression. Aurichalcite's ethereal vibrations guide the seeker toward a profound connection with inner wisdom and higher states of consciousness. It serves as a catalyst for self-reflection, inviting one to delve into the depths of their emotions with grace and clarity. As a talisman of serenity, Aurichalcite is revered for its ability to dissipate negativity and promote a tranquil aura, creating a sacred space for spiritual exploration and personal growth. In its soothing presence, this crystal becomes a radiant beacon, illuminating the path toward inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Green Garnet is a powerful conduit of birth, creation, development, growth, and renewal. Green-Garnet is also a potent prosperity stone that removes limitations of wealth and opportunities. It will cleanse the heart chakra and provide strength when experiencing challenging times. Green Garnets can be a powerful aid while nurturing new relationships, romantic or platonic, and facilitates strong communications with higher spiritual realms.

Found only in the Andes mountains., Peruvian Opal is a beautiful blue stone that resonates with the Throat, Heart and Third Eye Chakras. Blue Opal washes away worries and stress, allowing us to see the world with optimism, confidence and renewed passion. It is deeply calming and alleviates physical stress. It is a stone of creativity and learning new things. An excellent choice for deep meditation and aiding sleep.

  Chrysocolla encourages spontaneity, physical activity, laughter and saying ‘yes’ more often. The vibrant spark of Chrysocolla can ignite our passions and let us pursue our own happiness without apology. Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess, teacher and unification of the base, heart and throat chakras. Chrysocolla helps us turn our thoughts into words and our words into actions. It is also thought to enhance the benefits of sound healing and our experience of music in general. 

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