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Skutterudite Specimen

Skutterudite Specimen

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This is a unique silver Skutterudite specimen with a band of white Calcite along the side. This little silver crystal stands nicely for display - much heavier than you would imagine!

Skutterudite is an ore of Cobalt and Nickle. As a healing stone Skutterudite is powerfully stabilizing while also expanding one's consciousness. A stone of the earth and heavens, Skutterudite combines powerful grounding properties with those of the ethereal realm. Skutterudite is thought to bring enlightenment and deepen insights into the universe's great mysteries. Calcite is generally calming and is a stone of new beginnings. Certainly an interesting combination!

You will receive the exact specimen shown
Size: 2.25in x 1.7in x 1in
Weight: 7.5oz
Origin: Morocco
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Skutterudite is an arsenate mineral

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