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Sodalite Sphere, 68mm

Sodalite Sphere, 68mm

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This is a large Sodalite sphere carved from High-Quality Sodalite stone. You will receive the exact sphere shown. Sodalite is a rich blue mineral in the feldspathoid mineral group. Its deep blue color and streaks of white Calcite give it a striking and unique look. A stone that resembles and embodies the night sky. Supports the upper chakras, the threat chakra in particular. Sodalite deepens intuition and enhances one's ability to access inner wisdom and spiritual insights. It stimulates the third eye chakra, promoting intuition and psychic awareness. Facilitates spiritual growth and enlightenment by aiding in meditation, visualization, and spiritual exploration. It encourages a deeper connection with one's higher self and spiritual guides. Sodalite enhances communication skills, both in terms of verbal expression and written communication. It stimulates clear thinking and articulate expression, making it useful for public speaking, writing, and creative endeavors. Promotes mental clarity, rational thought, and objectivity. It aids in organizing thoughts and ideas, facilitating logical thinking, and enhancing problem-solving abilities.

Size: 68mm
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