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Sodalite Worry Stone

Sodalite Worry Stone

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This listing is for one Sodalite worry stone with lovely blue color and distinctive markings. Each worry stone is unique. All stones are nicely polished with a scooped shape that's ideal for holding during meditation or use as a worry/fidget stone. Sodalite is naturally textured so these aren't 100% smooth. Sodalite is a striking, dark blue stone crossed with flashes of white like a night sky. It is dense and grounded. It inspires one to consider themselves in relation to the vast universe and is thought to awaken insights into the self and reality. Ideal for deep meditation, it allows a quiet mind for reflection. Sodalite is a royal blue tectosilicate mineral that often has white includes of Calcite and black or dark green Aegirine.

You will receive one Sodalite worry stone like shown
Approximate Size: 2in x 1.5in x .25in
Includes my Sodalite meaning card
Ships within 2 business days

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