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Unakite Sphere, 1.5in

Unakite Sphere, 1.5in

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This listing is for one Unakite sphere with lovely orange and green color and a smooth finish. Unakite is a beloved healing stone. Unakite is a symbol for growing together and thought to be one of the best stones for pregnancy, fertility, and conception. Red Jasper and Epidote blend beautifully in Unakite Jasper and embody strong, harmonious relationships. A gift at weddings, the interlacing colors symbolize growing together. It takes a lot of earthly power to create Unakite: Unakite is found in convergent plate boundaries where deeply-formed granites have been metamorphosed and exposed by weathering and erosion. When the earth fractures here, and hydrothermal fluid is released, Unakite is formed.

You will receive one Unakite sphere and my Unakite meaning card
Size: 1.5in
Ships within 2 business days

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