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Citrine Stone, Common Citrine

Citrine Stone, Common Citrine

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This listing is for one larger common Citrine stone with sunny yellow color. Each stone is unique and has its own character. Includes my Citrine meaning card.

This is Heated Citrine or Common Citrine. This type of Citrine has a gentler vibration and retains its Third Eye Chakra resonance. It is a stone of will power and optimism.

You will receive one Citrine stone like shown
Sizes vary, but generally, these are larger tumbled stones
Includes my Citrine meaning card
Ships within 2 business days

Natural Citrine VS. Heat Treated Amethyst

The majority of Citrine available on the market is actually Amethyst that has been heated to turn into a variety of Citrine sometimes referred to as common Citrine. Since natural Citrine is created by geothermal heating, heated Amethyst is generally accepted as its own variety of Citrine. The primary reason Amethyst is heated to create Citrine is cost - natural Citrine is rare and incredibly expensive. Heat Treating mimics the Earth's natural process and makes Citrine available to everyone at a reasonable price.

While heat treating does mimic Nature, it is not exactly the same and so Common Citrine is considered a different healing crystal than Natural Citrine. Natural Citrine is a stone of Fire and really targets the Solar Plexus, whereas Common Citrine retains the Airy quality of Amethyst and works between the Third Eye and Solar Plexus to help us enact our will and focus our intentions so that we can create a reality that is in line with our highest good. It allows us to say yes to opportunity, and importantly, say 'No' more easily. This can be an excellent stone for those who feel overworked or want to reclaim their happiness and self-worth.

All Citrine is seen as a stone of luck, prosperity, and protection. It is a 'money' crystal. A symbol of our hard work and all of life's rewards financial and otherwise.

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