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Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

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This listing is for one beautiful Rainbow Moonstone palm stone in a choice of two sizes. This is rainbow moonstone, but they have a predominately blue flash and white shimmer. All really lovely, high-quality pieces. Moonstone is a stone of divine guidance and intuition. Like the moon itself, Moonstone lights our path and reveals both obstacles and opportunities that lay ahead. Where the Moon acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s light, Moonstone reflects our own light within. It deepens our understanding of ourselves and our motivations. Moonstone is considered ideal for new beginnings because it both guides us towards our best path and helps inspire us to make our first move with confidence.

Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura and stimulating all Chakras. It is thought to provide psychic protection. Rainbow Moonstone is especially useful for clearing the mind and senses. Also used for lucid dreaming and deeper sleep. Its light deflects negativity, eases painful memories or trauma, and brings a sense of well-being. Considered a calming stone.

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Approximate Sizes
Smaller 2in x 1.75in
Larger: 2.5in x 2in
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